Smart Parking in Loss, MC fails to Solve Problem

Smart parking Chandigarh
October 4, 2017

Parking lots in Chandigarh are filled with community issues. This has put the organization overseeing 26 parking lots in a fix, which has Failed to meet its deadline on 1st October to start smart parking. It is now debilitating to end the agreement.

A Mumbai-based organization, Arya Toll Infra Limited had to launch smart parking app and install CCTV cameras, which couldn’t do because of various elements. The firm guaranteed that it had raised the issue with the MC, Chandigarh but the latter failed to act.

Sandeep Bhora, Venture organizer, Arya Toll Infra Limited Said “Now, we have no choice, yet to go on a challenge and suspend the agreement with the MC. Debris, Bad road lights & roads, stagnant water and non-payment are some of the issues influencing the business unfavorably. Under these conditions, it isn’t possible to run the parking lots. The Municipal Corporation demonstrated to us a dream, but fail to determine the issues.”

The Smart parking App can’t be launched. If the person books a space, it must be free of debris. Moreover, 20,000 to 25,000 vehicles are not being parked in assigned spaces. These are either parked on road sides, street berms, inside SCOs or footpath.”

Congress councillor Devinder Singh Babla lamented,”The corporation is only demanding, however not giving any facilities. How company can make the parking smart without basic amenities.

Leader Asha Kumari Jaswal said, “If the firm has any issues and authorities are not tending to them, they should come to me, I will get things settled. I can’t visit every single parking lots. And, the organization has a responsibility to launch smart parking.”